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    Thursday, 25 February 2010

    Oohwie in the Coromandel & Auckland

    In a raincoat [Enlarge]

    Oohwie was a very lucky gorilla. He was going on his first ever road trip. He’d agreed to travel with two travellers for a while – they were going on a couple of road trips to the Coromandel Peninsular and to Auckland. He decided to go with them, see if he liked travelling, and then he’d decide as to whether he’d go on any further road trips.

    First of all the three of them drove off to Coromandel. Oohwie was very excited to see the ocean as he’d never been before. He decided not to go for a swim though – he didn’t want to get his fur wet, and he wasn’t really sure how buoyant he was. However, he did want to get a photo in front of the sea and in spite of a brief rain shower which was coming across, he still wanted a photo right then and there. He put on the raincoat which the travellers had made for him (at high cost) and posed for his photograph.

    Coromandel [Enlarge]

    Further on, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. Oohwie was stunned by the views of the sea and islands near the town of Coromandel, and the travellers stopped and the three of them took in the stunning view of the deep blue sea, enjoying the gentle breeze on their skin/fur.

    Stony Bay [Enlarge]

    Past Coromandel town, at the very tip of the Coromandel peninsular, they visited the beautiful Stony Bay. This was unlike any place Oohwie had been before. The vast trees on the mountainside were very impressive and Oohwie yearned to swing in them like the wild beast he was. But he knew there was more to see, and so he stayed with the travellers on the perfect stones of the bay, watching the birds flying, the waves breaking and the humans enjoying the setting sun.

    Auckland [Enlarge]

    Oohwie had really enjoyed the Coromandel, but he wasn’t so sure about Auckland. Auckland had more people in it than he could imagine and he wasn’t sure whether he’d like them, or indeed whether they’d like him. So, it was with some trepidation that he journeyed to the largest city of New Zealand. Upon arrival he decided he definitely did not want to go out so instead he stayed in the house while the travellers explored the city with the people they were staying with. While in the house, he learned about kitchens, and food preparation.

    Lunch, Bananas [Enlarge]

    He also learned that humans eat a lot of bananas, and he helped himself to a few. He decided he was quite pleased with what he was learning, and that learning about how humans live was also a big part of his travel experience.

    Gorillas who garden [Enlarge]

    So, while in Auckland, he learned to garden. Here’s a marrow he grew (incredibly, in just 3 nights), while he was staying in Auckland. Amazing!

    To the South Island [Enlarge]

    Oohwie decided that he liked travelling. The travellers were going on a big trip of the South Island next. Oohwie knew that without the travellers, there was no chance of him ever seeing the South Island (as he couldn’t swim). He decided to accompany them – he had already learned about seatbelts, raincoats, the ocean and growing marrows, but there was obviously so much more out there to learn! Now infected with the travel bug, he just couldn’t wait to get going.

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