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    Saturday, 12 September 2009

    Everyday life in Sukhothai, Thailand

    I'm going to break with the format of the blog and feature some of the pictures I took in Sukhothai New Town. I met this American who was travelling while building a portfolio of photos to exhibit when he got back home. While talking to him he reminded me that everyday sights make for really interesting pictures. So here are a few I took just wandering around Sukhothai.

    I always ask before taking a picture at close quarters. In most cases after a bit of a chat I get my shot.

    In this case, this lady was more than happy for me to take her picture, She kept posing for me by sticking up two fingers in the peace sign. I had to ask her to go back to doing what she was before I arrived, which was sitting there with her mask on. It was a shame to hide her beaming smile but that would have been a different shot.

    This lady was all smiles until I went to take her picture. I've found most times that when you take a picture of someone they become so serious when you point the camera at them. I was really pleased to capture her smiling, even if she was looking down shyly.

    This was my favourite photo of the day. This lady was so pleased I'd asked to her picture. I was surprised as she was obviuosly in the middle of her beauty regime with cream all over her face and hair in curlers. I loved that she had a matching head thing going with her top! I always let them see the picture and in this case the lady was very happy with the result.


    1. "Matching head thing" - back here in Britain we call them faceclothes or flannels...


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