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    Saturday, 19 September 2009

    Sea, Sun and Ladyboys in Hua Hin

    Hua Hin Beach[Enlarge & More]

    I’ve really had enough of temples after seeing plenty in the last two months, so I am really pleased we are slowly headed to some of the islands of Thailand. We decide a while ago that we would not do a journey of over 6 hours if we could help it so to break up the journey to the islands we have decided to spend a few days at Hua Hin, a coastal town favoured by the King of Thailand.

    To get to Hua Hin we got a bus from Bangkok. The bus went from the south bus station which was organised like a very efficient airport. It was a very stark contrast from Cambodia and Laos where to the uninitiated it’s a free for all. This time we made sure the bus was stopping in Hua Hin before buying the ticket.

    Horse Rides [Enlarge & More]

    We’d decided to spend our first full day there lounging by the beach. We hired some recliners and settled down for the day. The water was so warm it was like jumping into a warm bath. I’d forgotten how relaxing it was to lie in a warm sea and look up at the sky while being tossed gently by the waves. We didn’t have to move for the day as the world came to us. We could pretty much buy anything we wanted and what caught our eye was ice cream. Well it actually took the lady three passes but we relented in the end as she was full of smiles. As a result of sitting on the beach I’m starting to get an even tan rather than the workman’s one I’ve had for the last 3 months. Arms and head only!

    Dramatic Performance [Enlarge & More]

    With Jono’s fascination with ladyboys we also decided to go to a cabaret show full of them. The show did not disappoint, I’ve added the link to a video of the best performance of the night below. Jono did point to one performer and said “is that a man?”. Well, I said yes but I wasn’t sure either. We both then thought that in fact it was a woman who was there to make up the numbers. But no, later we overheard a conversation with the performer and he was definitely a ladyboy.

    I'm a lady... [Enlarge & More]

    I really enjoyed Hua Hin, mainly because the sea was blue, the sun was out and the beach was clean and inviting. It’s amazing - when I saw this it made me realise how differently I now view the beaches in Goa. It may have been the time of year but they were pretty poor, mainly due to the rubbish. Perhaps in the peak seasons they tidy them up. You could take horse rides on the beach, pretty much the same as in Goa but here you had people combing the beach picking up the horse shit.

    I had some of the best food there too. My particular favourite was a whole seabass barbequed in sea salt. It was just delicious especially accompanied with a chilli salsa. There are an abundance of fish restaurants there and you really are spoilt for choice.

    Hua Hin was a perfect stop before heading off to explore the islands of the south of Thailand. It was good to be somewhere by the coast that had a bit of life to it but still was pretty laid back. In the high season I’m not sure it would be the same.

    A video of the best performance of the night:


    1. Unsure if we really need to know about the sea tossing you....however gentle it may have been.

    2. Mahmoud are you really sure you want to be broadcasting around the world that Jono has a fascination with Ladyboys??

    3. Both issues I brought up. Both ignored. Suggested 'lapping at' rather than 'tossing'. Also, not sure what my fascination with ladyboys is - I was not aware I had one!!!?

    4. OMG Jono - you have a ladyboy? Where do you keep him/her? This really is becoming a journey of revelations.....


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