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    Saturday, 19 December 2009

    The Great Ocean Road

    We left Adelaide behind and the fantastic hospitality of Damo and Tory. When we picked up the hire car we got a pleasant surprise when we got a free upgrade, as the car we were supposed to get had not been returned.

    Adelaide was easy to navigate out of as it’s a pretty simple grid system. We headed south without any problems for our first stop, Robe. The idea was to head to the coast and then make our way to Melbourne via The Great Ocean Road over 7 nights.

    On the way down to Robe we stopped many times to look at the different sights. I particularly liked this shot of a dry lake.

    Robe was a sweet coastal town, it was most memorable as we got to have our first proper fish and chips since leaving home. As we ate them by the beach while the sun was setting we slowly noticed that we were being circled by seagulls. They got closer and closer as we ate and eventually had us surrounded. When I threw them a chip, it was a mad frenzy to be the first to get to it.

    After Robe we headed west to Beachport stopping on the way to see sights. Lake George was an amazing dry lake and we had some fun with the camera.

    From Beachport you can do a great scenic drive along the coast and back, I like this one of the car at a 360 Degree vewpoint.

    On the following day we headed to Port Fairy where the The Great Ocean Road actually starts or ends depending on which way you are doing it. On the way there we took a little detour to Mount Gambier where there is a crater lake. It’s amazingly blue and turns that colour in November when the weather starts to warm up.

    In Port Fairy we had more fish and chips! We also did a walk around Griffiths Island. Jono must have got bored waiting for me to take pictures so he produced this work of art.

    And there was a lighthouse. I just can’t help myself taking lighthouse pictures!

    The following day we headed down the coast and got to what everyone wants to see on The Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostles.

    As well as The Twelve Apostles, there are some other incredible limestone rock formations along the way. Loch Ard was particularly spectacular.

    There aren’t actually Twelve Apostles anymore as they collapse. I think on last count there were only 6 left. Along the way you also get to get to the beach for a different perspective.

    After moving on every day we decided to spend a couple of days at our next stop, Apollo Bay. Good thing we did as the weather turned and it got cold and wet. We found somewhere in the hills off the Great Ocean Road and were greeted by friendly birds.

    Also on the way we saw the cutest Koala in a tree, fast asleep.

    Our final stop before heading into Melbourne was Torquay. I believe it’s the spiritual home of surfers.

    And all things water sporty………

    The next morning we headed into Melbourne to drop off the car before 10am. It was about a 2 hour drive and we needed to negotiate Melbourne with it's odd road rules, trams and rush hour traffic. The Great Ocean Road had been more than great!

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