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    Wednesday, 2 December 2009

    Western Australia Road Trip

    So that we could get to some of the places in Western Australia we decided to hire a car in Perth. The tough part of travelling here is that the country is huge and the distances are enormous. It makes choosing what to see and do very difficult, in the end we decided to stick to the area just south and south-east of Perth. Having said that the distance we covered overall was the size of England. I thought as it was a road trip I’d stick in another photo-blog here charting the journey.

    Initially heading southwest from Perth we travelled through the wheat belt and as the name suggests, the road was flanked by wheat fields.

    Our first destination was Hyden and a granite formation called Wave Rock. This picture had to be done, firstly to give some idea of how big the rock was and secondly it makes Jono look like an idiot.

    The best thing about spending the night here was being able to wander around the rest of the rock formations and get some stunning sunset pictures.

    As we headed west, the weather got better and it was pretty hot. With the heat the flies were out in force and at one point Jono counted forty on my back. The ones that liked my lips and started venturing up my nostrils made taking the pictures pretty hard.

    Leaving Hyden I spotted this display charting the history of Hyden. I believe this represents the early.

    The road to Albany was straight and very long , like most of the roads we travelled on.

    Arriving in Albany, it was a cold windy day. You could say it was fecking freezing.

    Albany also had an interesting boat pier.

    The next day we were up bright and early and headed off to Walpole. On the way we stopped off to have a look at a few sights, this one gives the best feel for what we saw.

    In Walpole we went up high in the Valley of the Giants and did the treetop walk.

    Went down into the tinglewood forest and looked up at the giants.

    And gazed at the stars at night.

    Next stop was Margaret River and on the way we stopped off at the most south-westerly point on the Australian mainland.

    At Cape Leeuwin we saw where the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean meet. Look carefully, I think I’ve captured it. Calm and dark on the right and choppy and lighter on the left.

    We arrived in time to see the Sun setting in Margaret River.

    The next day we headed north following the coast line. First stop was Bussleton to see the longest pier on mainland Australia.

    Finally we stopped along the way to take in the view for one last time before heading back to Perth, having covered 1500KM.


    1. What is it about you & treetop walks???!

    2. We did have the chance to go on another one but decided enough was enough!


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