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    Tuesday, 16 June 2009

    The bright yellow snake

    Mandrem Beach [Enlarge & More]
    I thought the bright yellow snake was dead until it moved! Lucky I did not get much closer to have a look.

    Arrived in Goa expecting to be lashed by heavy rain and wind but it’s all calm so far. The train ride was long but comfortable, my bunk a little short for me but wide enough for me to curl up in. We got up in time for the sunrise this morning the first of our trip, from the train window a hazy orange glow greeted us with a very lush green landscape of banana and coconut trees, rice field and generally green vegetation. It was like watching TV as it did not seem real tome as it was so different to what we left behind in Mumbai. 12 hours later we arrive at Thivim our stop and it was the first time I’ve had to carry my backpack any distance – I definitely have too much stuff.

    Villa River Cat[Enlarge & More]

    We opted for a quiet beach called Mandrem and with a bit of persistence we found the Villa River Cat nestled just beside the beach. What we did not realise was it the off season really means everything is shut down and the hotel has been opened up for us. It’s lovely but the only dilemma we have is how do we feed ourselves? Luckily for tonight Yogesh the guy who runs it has kindly offered to take us to his friends place after a bit of persuasion from me in Hindi. I’m not sure what we are going to do tomorrow, we may decide to go and stay at the slightly busier beach down the coast which is full of hippies – that’s what we are told anyway – but it does not appeal to either of us.

    Venomous Yellow Snake[Enlarge & More]

    As you can imagine with no one else around the beach is deserted apart from sharing it with a bright yellow snake. It wasn’t moving much as I think it was injured, but on Jono’s advice, as he saw it move first, I kept a safe distance while taking a photo.

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