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    Thursday, 11 June 2009


    CST Train Station [Enlarge & More]
    I’ve noticed a pattern whereby shady looking men with bloodshot eyes come up to me when I’m walking down the street in a particularly tourist-centric area…

    “Sir… something?”, or a whispered “…Hash?”

    At first I thought they were saying “Nash”, and I thought – how do they know my name?! But I figured it out pretty quickly and my standard response is now “No, nothing!”.

    Today was the hottest day yet, and we’re both suffering from blisters on our feet and a bit of heat rash from wandering around in the humid conditions. Here’s hoping we get used to it!

    Another late start, although not as late as yesterday, at least we were in time for breakfast this morning. We visited the train station, not to book train tickets but so that Mahmoud could take photos of the magnificent building described in Lonely Planet… OK, so it didn’t end up being quite as an amazing building as was described, but it was pretty amazing watching all the trains coming in, and people leaping off and on. Apparently Mumbai has the largest train station in Asia, and I can believe that – every minute or so a new train would come in and offload several hundred passengers. It really gives you a feel for the number of people in India!

    Chowpatty Beach [Enlarge & More]

    This afternoon we hopped from one air conditioned café to another until it was cool enough to walk to Chowpatty Beach, one of the few beaches in Mumbai. It was not really worth the walk. The sand was hard and grainy, and I didn’t want to think much about what was in it – the beach was probably pretty polluted. But that didn’t stop hordes of families descending on it, and a lot of people were down there enjoying the afternoon sun. I was slightly (very) disappointed by the lack of places to eat there, so we took a taxi down to Colaba and had a lovely curry – each evening’s meal seems tastier than the last!


    1. "Shady Men with Bloodshot Eyes"? That'll be Mahmoud with Jetlag then?

      Glad all is going well so far.

      We're already very jealous...

    2. It must be an age thing as I've needed loads more time to get used to the time difference!


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