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    Thursday, 11 June 2009

    Starting to relax into it

    Icecream seller [Enlarge & More]
    It’s been a couple of days now and it’s bloody hot, it is 33C in the shade.

    Mumbai has not been what I expected, it’s cleaner, friendlier and not as intimidating as Delhi was, the only other large city in India I have it to compare to.

    I’m slowly getting back into crossing the street which in the face of it is a random process but the key is to start walking and not to change your walking speed. The rest takes care of itself as everyone from trucks, taxis and cyclist steer around you.

    It’s easy to forget that it is a city of contrasts, from the air as we came into land all you could see is miles upon miles of ‘slums’ right next to glistening new tower blocks. It must be the area we are in but not seen any of the ‘slum’ side yet.

    Even poverty is at bay here, you have to look more closely than other places in India to see it. A stark reminder was on the way back to the hotel from having an all you can to eat Thali, a family including the children were strewn across the pavement, looking like they were settled for the night.

    Breakfast at “Place on the Corner” Omlette and Roti for 40rps, ok if you are stuck for somewhere.
    Eat at “Samrat Restaurant”, 225rps each for a Thali all you can eat, great value and delicious.

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