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    Saturday, 13 June 2009

    We are closed, weathering out the storm and will open in Oct 09

    Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai [Enlarge & More]
    The heat is exhausting….

    I’ve found myself with very little energy over the past few days and it must be down to the heat. The Monsoon is late in Mumbai and the heat and humidity is oppressive. I’m not a big fan of air conditioning but we’ve had it on constantly in the hotel room.

    It’s our 3rd full day in India and it’s been pretty hassle free so far. I go about pretty unnoticed while Jono attracts all the peddlers. Also if I’m walking behind him I get to see all the stares he gets as a ‘white tourist’, sometimes I’m in awe of how far they can twist their necks round – just like an owl. There is no shame in staring here and I get my own posse of watchers when I’m trying to get that shot with my camera, usually crouched on the floor.

    India Gate [Enlarge & More]

    It was another slow start today and we made it to the Dhobi Ghats where probably all of Mumbai’s laundry gets done. I’ve seen it on the TV and as always with that way round it seemed a lot smaller than I imagined in real life– interesting all the same.

    Finally found somewhere to stay in Goa , the Monsoon has arrived there and all the beach huts we planned to stay in are closed. We got one reply back from an owner saying “we are closed, weathering out the storm and will open in Oct 09”, let’s hope it’s not that bad.

    Eating: Lovely cheap food at Kamat restaurant in Colaba for another princely sum of 300rps. For that we ate:

    Bhel Puri ( an interesting spicy mix of dried bits including rice puffs)
    Paneer Palak ( Cheese & Spinach)
    Yellow Dal Fry
    Garlic Naan
    Bottle of mineral water

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